Grill Bill

Table Grill Bill is a real quick-change artist: After grilling, Bill can be covered with a flat lid, so that it turns into a coffee table. The lid also functions as a tray. Awarded with the Home & Trend Award 2016. Manufacturer: Esschert Design. Available e.g. here  or here


is a feeding spoon for children. We wish you a pleasant flight... Jointly designed with designschneider. Manufacturer: Villeroy & Boch AG.

Cheese Plate

Individual cheese knifes and plates were developed for the manufacturer Villeroy & Boch AG. Jointly designed with designschneider.





Tray Thekla

Put Thekla on a table it and it becomes flat and serves as a tablecloth. Manufacturer: Tradestock Ltd. 

Fire Cube

Fire irons and firewood are well stored and a timeless side table is also created.  Manufacturer: Eschert Design