Erika stashes everything you need for a coffee- or tea kitchen directly on the wall. Coloured panels put all the objects in perspective and are subdivided into individual modules, each designed for a specific use, for example storing spoons, crystal and mugs, a coffee machine or an electric kettle for hot tea, supplies racks or utensils for washing up. The panels are simply hung on wall mounting rails. Manufacturer: Nils Holger Moormann

freistil | Rolf Benz

The bed sofa 143 can be transformed from a comfortable sofa into a full-fledged bed with a single movement. The linear design is suitable for a wide variety of living situations and the upholstered castors set a geometric accent. Manufacturer: Rolf Benz


The side table is characterised by a sculptural appearance and its geometry makes it look completely different from every angle. The triangular basic shape invites combination. TROY is made from a single piece of sheet metal. The diagonal surface serves as a magazine rack. Manufacturer: Echtstahl / Rheinkant

Swing Campus Germany

These interactive swings were designed for the German Pavilion at the Expo 2021 in Dubai. By swinging together, visitors could bring an interactive sculpture in the centre of the room to life. Created in team with facts and fiction.


The wall shelf offers a small stage for the things of daily use. The simple geometry and the graphic design make Castellum a charming design object. Manufacturer: AYTM

Castellum Sidetable

The mobile side table can be moved wherever it is useful. It works just as well as a laptop table in the living room as it does as a bedside table. The sphere is both a handle and a significant design element. Manufacturer: AYTM