Grill Bill

Table Grill Bill is a real quick-change artist: After grilling, Bill can be covered with a flat lid, so that it turns into a coffee table. The lid also functions as a tray. Awarded with the Home & Trend Award 2016. Manufacturer: Esschert Design. Available e.g. here  or here


Erika stashes everything you need for a coffee- or tea kitchen directly on the wall. Coloured panels put all the objects in perspective and are subdivided into individual modules, each designed for a specific use, for example storing spoons, crystal and mugs, a coffee machine or an electric kettle for hot tea, supplies racks or utensils for washing up. In addition, a fold-away panel which can be used as a coffee table is also available. The panels are simply hung on wall mounting rails. The measurements of the panels are designed on a specific system, in order to ensure that every individual panel-selection and -number of modules match together. Manufacturer: Nils Holger Moormann


The freehand sketched graphic is printed on the wool carpet and the overlay of the lines creates an interesting graphic effect. Manufacturer: Flatn. Available e.g. here

Bbq Bruce

Bruce is a balcony barbecue grill. To save space on the often very small balconies Bruce is designed to be hung up on the balustrade. Manufacturer Esschert Design.  & & 


The contemporary horn cutlery is made of synthetic handles and brushed stainless steel blades. Manufacturer: Villeroy & Boch AG. Jointly designed with designschneider.

Tray Thekla

Put Thekla on a table it and it becomes flat and serves as a tablecloth. Manufacturer: Tradestock Ltd.