freistil | Rolf Benz

The bed sofa 143 can be transformed from a comfortable sofa into a full-fledged bed with a single movement. The linear design is suitable for a wide variety of living situations and the upholstered castors set a geometric accent. Manufacturer: Rolf Benz


Erika stashes everything you need for a coffee- or tea kitchen directly on the wall. Coloured panels put all the objects in perspective and are subdivided into individual modules, each designed for a specific use, for example storing spoons, crystal and mugs, a coffee machine or an electric kettle for hot tea, supplies racks or utensils for washing up. The panels are simply hung on wall mounting rails. Manufacturer: Nils Holger Moormann


is a felt module for improving room acoustics from which individual wall pictures can be created. For mounting, a clip made of powder-coated steel is attached to the wall, the felt can then be simply clamped in. Honoured with the German Design Award (Special) 2021. Manufacturer: Hey-Sign



The freehand sketched graphic is printed on the wool carpet and the overlay of the lines creates an interesting graphic effect. Manufacturer: Flatn

Fire Cube

Fire irons and firewood are well stored and a timeless side table is also created. Manufacturer: Eschert Design 

Bbq Bruce

Bruce is a balcony barbecue grill. To save space on the often very small balconies Bruce is designed to be hung up on the balustrade. Manufacturer: Esschert Design